See GEO during the Illinois Geothermal Tour, Saturday, September 21

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The Illinois Geothermal Tour is coming to a location near you. On Saturday, September 21, homes and businesses with geothermal systems will open their doors for a series of open house events hosted by geothermal contractors and utilities. The geothermal tour is being organized and sponsored by the Geothermal Alliance of Illinois, the statewide organization for the geo industry.

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Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has declared September 21 as Geothermal Day in Illinois, and encourages residents of the Land of Lincoln to learn more about this renewable energy technology.

West-central Illinois is a hotbed for geothermal heat pumps. There might be more geo in this little part of the world than anywhere else on earth. In fact, energy efficiency expert Doug Rye calls the Quincy area the geothermal capital of the world.

But just in case you haven’t heard about geothermal, here’s how it works…..  Geothermal systems use the earth’s naturally-produced energy to provide heating and cooling for homes and businesses across Illinois. Most geo systems circulate fluid though a closed loop pipe system installed underground, either horizontally at 6-10 foot depths, or vertically at depths of up to 500 feet or more. Because the earth is typically about 55 degrees, year-round in Illinois, the geothermal heat pump can efficiently extract heat from the fluid in the loop in the winter months, then reverse itself and pump heat back into the loop during air conditioning season. As a free byproduct, most geothermal systems can also produce a significant portion of a home’s hot water needs.

Because they use no fossil fuels and have no combustion, geothermal systems typically provide energy savings of 50 percent or even more.  This is why people love geo for new homes, as it typically cuts their home energy bills at least in half. Geothermal can work just as well in a retrofit situation, often replacing a propane furnace and central air conditioning unit.

Want to learn more about geothermal and how it can save you Money and Energy! Check out the IL Geothermal Tour on Saturday, September 21. Scranton Heating and Cooling is a proud GAOI member and will host an open house at 307 NW Cross St, Mt. Sterling, IL  62353. The event will be held from 10 am to 3 pm. For more overall info about the Illinois Geothermal Tour, please visit the Geothermal Alliance of Illinois website at and click on the tour icon.

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Geothermal System.

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Energy prices are at record highs, and home comfort is more technologically advanced than ever. Today’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed to ensure maximum comfort, and thermostats can control temperature, humidity and indoor air quality.

These systems demand a heating approach that is just as innovative. Geothermal heating is a system that has gained acclaim in recent years. The engineering behind the product relies on the relatively constant temperature inside the earth. This is a renewable energy source that is easier than ever for homeowners to tap.

The source is clean, free and renewable. Installing a geothermal heat pump cuts down utility bills and reduces a homeowner’s carbon footprint. Technology is the answer to decreasing energy costs, and geothermal systems allow consumers a chance to gain energy independence. Here are the top five reasons to consider a geothermal heat pump.

1. Financial incentives and tax credits

Here in Central Illinois, there are a couple of different incentives that are provided by the local power suppliers.  Ameren CIPS offers up to a $680 credit to their electric customers who install a new geothermal system.  The local rural electric coops also offer different incentives, which include financing, rebates, and reduced rates for installing geothermal systems.

The federal government is offering the best incentive you can get to install a new geothermal system.  They will give you 30% of your investment in a new geothermal system back in the form of a tax credit (not a tax deduction.)  This means that if your geothermal system costs $20,000, you would receive a $6000 tax credit.  If you don't have $6000 in tax liability, you can roll your credit over to the next year.  This great incentive is available to homeowners until the end of 2016.  

2. Shrinking Utility Bills

Geothermal systems are engineered for efficiency, and they cut electric consumption by up to 70 percent, depending on what type of system they are replacing.  The major reason that a geothermal system can attain these levels of efficiency is that they rely on the mostly constant temperature of the earth below ground level.  The loop system that the geothermal system relies on can be buried anywhere from 6 feet to hundreds of feet deep in the ground, as well as sunk to the bottom of a body of water, where these constant temperatures are fournd.

A geothermal system will also reduce the cost of your families water heating needs as well.  The system uses the heat that is removed from your home in the summertime to heat your water and it uses any excess capacity the compressor has in the winter to heat water.  This will save you as much as 50% on water heating costs.

3.  Increased Comfort

Geothermal systems, when installed properly, can be the most comfortable systems that a person can invest in.  

A geothermal system has a lot of flexibility to meet the comfort needs of just about any home.  It can be a forced air system that uses ductwork to force conditioned air to the areas of the house that call for it.  It can be a radiant floor system which radiates heat from the floors where it is installed.  It can be zoned to provide different temperatures to different areas of the home.  It can also be a combination of those types of comfort systems.  

With the flexibilty that the system offers and the proper installation of the system, a geothermal system can provide your family with many years of comfort.

4. Long-Term Investment.

The efficiency of a geothermal system and it's subsequent reduction of a homeowner's utility bills can easily be the best investment a homeowner can make.  When compared to a standard gas furnace and air conditioner, a geothermal system can pay for itself in energy savings in a matter of a few short years, in some cases as few as 3.

To put it another way, the savings of a geothermal system in energy costs can offset any increase in your mortgage payment or the payment of a home improvement loan, especially with interest rates as low as they are currently(2012.)  

In any case, investing in a geothermal system will be one of the best financial decisions that a homeowner makes.

5. Property value.

Adding a new heating system is a great way to boost a home’s resale value. Today’s housing market is showing signs of recovery, and outfitting a home with a technologically advanced HVAC system is a great way to make a home more appealing.  In most cases, the value of a home will increase by at least 80% of the total value of a geothermal system.  

The majority of that value will come from installing the ground loop, which is basically a permanent fixture.  Most ground loops are warranted for 50 years and will last much longer if left undisturbed.  With the permanent loop system available, future investment in geothermal becomes more affordable, as the cost of a geothermal system without the loop installation is very close to the cost of a high efficient furnace and air conditioner or air to air heat pump system.



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